Simplicity, originality, amazement, the use of colours and great focus on effective features are the foundations for Twentyfirst. Particularly suitable for Contract installations, these objects are practical, ergonomic, lightweight, shock resistant, easy to move and clean. UV-resistant, dyed polyethylene maintain over time the tone of the original color, it is weather resistant and environmentally friendly (recyclable). Certificates of suitability for use in public places are available on request.

Objects marvelously designed to create moments of contemplation in the frenzy of everyday life giving character to our living spaces. Furniture elements that live of their own identity as individual items, but they are able to redesign the space around us if used modularly. Objects and settings that leave a pleasant sense of wonder, excitement. Everyday objects - bookcases, coat hangers, bottle racks - reconsidered in a perspective of amazement, watched by a different point of view. Surprise.

The SHAPES collection is an assortment of Design pots and vase holders: each model is characterized by a distinct shape with its own character that somehow represents the personality of him who chooses it. Vases - but also simply decorative shapes - to furnish with style small and large living spaces, both indoor and outdoor. Each model is available many sizes and in three versions: Nude (dyed polyethylene), Lighting (with light) and Dressed (lacquered polyethylene).

You know, light always creates fascinating atmospheres.  An illuminated object - a vase, a pouf, a coffee table or a coat stand - makes the surroundings more elegant and charming with a strong visual impact. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors, these illuminated objects furnish spaces always with great style. Available different lighting kits that suit any installation needs: indoor or outdoor, halogen or LED, white light or RGB.  Perfect for both Contract and domestic settings.