Twentyfirst Living Art: outdoor design furniture from the new century.

The modern era is characterized by the concept of “limits”: there is no corner of our planet left to be explored or discovered. Its resources, buried deep within the earth or released into the air, are becoming ever more rare. Within this scenario, the natural and indomitable human propensity to explore beyond the boundaries of the known world provides us with a new concept of space and life: traveling, exploring and understanding.
Our Collection represents a travel journal, a sailing boat upon which technicians and designers become sailors navigating in an open sea towards the unknown. The aim of 21st Design Lab is to explore: its collaboration with Italian designers enable the laboratory to stretch boundaries, expand points of view, develop creativity. Because collaboration amplifies understanding and Knowledge. “Twentyfirst” represents a set of landing stages that have been discovered and marked on new artistic maps. The depth of this research is also dependent on the combination of materials, colours, shapes, images and densities.
Navigating through this site you will discover what you can see and feel, with the spirit and the body, in a world where everything seems already to be known but in all truth it reveals a new dimension of perception through our forms.